Longi (Pucheng) 40MW photovoltaic station project
Details description

Project name: Longi (Pucheng) 40MW photovoltaic station project

-location: Pucheng, Weinan, shaanxi

-Value: 3.91 Billion

-Required/ Actual Schedule: 150 Days/ 150Days

-Investor: Longi Ecological agriculture photovoltaic new energy (Pucheng) Co., Ltd.

(Stock Code: Longi ShareSH601012)

-Scope of work: Engineering, Procurement and Construction

-Project features: Give full consideration to the growing needs of local agriculture, adopt the fixed adjustable angle support system, flat single axis tracking system, inclined single axis tracking system and other forms of high support system, to achieve intelligent tilt adjustment for spring, summer, fall and winter, and realized double layer agriculture complementary mode of "high level power generation and lower level cultivation".

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         Building E4, Headquarters economic port, No.888, Chenglong Road,          National Economic Development Zone, Chengdu, Sichuan, China