30MW photovoltaic poverty alleviation power statio
Details description

Project Name: 30MW photovoltaic poverty alleviation power station project

-Location: Yan’an, Shanxi Province

-Value: 2.5 billion

-Request/ actual schedule:110/119 days

-Investor: Longfu Clear Energy (Huanglong) Co., Ltd.(Stock Code: Longi ShareSH601012)

-Scope of work: Engineering, Procurement and Construction

-Project features: The project is mountain structure, the combination of group string and distributed type is adopted, consisting of 10 MWp string type and 20 MWp collecting-distributing type. The project is located in secondary-level collapsible loess, the pile foundation adopts single-row pored piles, the embedded depth of foundation is 2 meters, exposed 0.3 meters, and the upper part is adjustable steel support. The minimum distance from the ground is 1.5 meters.

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         Building E4, Headquarters economic port, No.888, Chenglong Road,          National Economic Development Zone, Chengdu, Sichuan, China