YuJiang 30MWp distributed complementary photovolta
Details description

Project name: YuJiang 30MWp distributed complementary photovoltaic power generation project

-location: Yujiang, Yingtan, Jiangxi

-Value: 2.5 Billion

-Required/ Actual Schedule: 140 Days/ 138Days

-Investor: Xinyang new energy (Yujiang) Co., Ltd.

-Scope of work: Engineering, Procurement and Construction

-Project features: Design and construction of PV plant, 110KV converting station and all the output route. Laying photovoltaic modules on wasteland, an integrated development project setting agricultural planting, solar energy generation together, aiming to improve the local living standards, improve the rural production and living environment, provide energy supply, Develop the rural circular economy and the tourism industry with agricultural characteristics.

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